Dr. Salam Abdo

MD, American Global University School of Medicine
BS in Biology, University of North Florida
BS in Chemistry, University of North Florida
AA in Arts, Florida Community College at Jacksonville
AS in Medical Laboratory Technology, Florida Community College at Jacksonville

Spring 2018



Location Class
WEB  HIMT 1350 WEB By appointment only.
WEB  MAST 1120

Tips for Success

  1. Be there!  For online courses, log in every day.
  2. Buy your books before semester begins.  You will be ready and possibly save money if you take time to explore your options. Look up books here and then use websites such as www.cheapesttextbooks.com, www.amazon.com, www.textbooks.com,www.chegg.com, etc. to compare prices.
  3. Prepare to learn!  Before you come to class and/or attempt any assignments, review assigned reading materials.  I never ask my students to buy a book unless it will be used extensively and contribute to success.
  4. Plan ahead!  Some assignments may require more than one week.  Divide assignments into manageable chunks and begin working early, instead of waiting to the last day.
  5. Read instructions!  Yes, all those pesky details you were stressing about are already there, waiting to be read and discovered.
  6. Ask questions!  If you are not sure about something, I am always ready to help.


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