Dr. Emily Dowd-Arrow

Associate Professor of English & Lead Faculty Advisor to Adroit Arts Journal

Phone: 229-243-3169
Email: emily.dowd-arrow@abac.edu
Office: Room 236, Cypress Hall
PhD in 18th Century British Literature with minor concentration in Rhetoric & Composition, Florida State University
MA in Literature with a concentration in Popular Culture, Florida State University
BA in English, The University of Florida
AA in English, Indian River State College

Summer 2018



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Teaching Interests:

I began teaching Composition and Literature at Bainbridge State College, now Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College – Bainbridge, as an Assistant Professor in Fall 2010.  My interest in the college Rhetoric and Composition classroom, however, began in 2003 with the start of my graduate education at Florida State University.  Under the mentorship of Dr. Deborah Coxwell-Teague, Director of First Year Composition at FSU, I developed a passion for teaching and eventually became an Assistant to the Director of First Year Composition, co-instructor of Composition Pedagogy, and co-editor of The Teacher’s Guide and The Inkwell at FSU.

In the Composition classroom, I focus on fostering real-world exigency in both critical and persuasive student writing.  Writing should be meaningful, reflective, and transformative.  Through the recursive process of revision, I help students sift fact from fakery, know their audiences, and find their voices.

As a literary historian of eighteenth-century women writers, I make the intersection between academic research and pedagogy my focus.  Engaging students in the voices of the past is the reason for what I do and my constant delight.   We understand each other and ourselves best through the stories that narrate reality, past and present.

I teach literature as a diversity of voices who alone can show us the power of perspective upon truth.  For me, to study literature is to learn empathy, and empathy for the Other is the key.

Research Interests:

Frontispiece to Eliza Haywood's The Female Spectator
Frontispiece to Eliza Haywood’s The Female Spectator

I am interested in women’s writing during the Long Eighteenth Century in England and Ireland; the work of eighteenth-century author, actress, and playwright Eliza Haywood, in particular her periodical  The Female Spectator; early English periodicals in relation to women’s lives and the female audience; the development of feminism and a feminist consciousness; the many manifestations of rape culture and its historical trajectory; women’s rhetoric and rhetorical philosophy; and the pedagogical impact of feminist scholarship.

I have recently co-authored articles on teaching Eliza Haywood in The 18th-Century Common and Aphra Behn Online: Interactive Journal for Women in the Arts: 1640-1830.

Advisory Positions & Committees:

I am Lead Faculty Advisor to the BSC creative arts journal, Adroit.  ABAC-Bainbridge’s Creative Arts Journal collocates talented students and community members in order to provide a space where they can develop and discover new aspects of their ingenuity. There are no limits to creative expression, and our goal is to exhibit the essence and culture of the area by celebrating originality. The Creative Arts Journal strives to capture the time period, spirit, and atmosphere of the community as a whole, through art, fiction/non-fiction, poetry/prose, and multi-media artwork.

Submit your poetry, artwork, or prose between October 1st–February 1st of each year!!

I serve on several committees at BSC, including the International Education Committee and the QEP Online Learning Committee.


“‘I Know You Want It': Teaching the Blurred Lines of Eighteenth-Century Rape Culture,” with Sarah Creel, ABO: Interactive Journal for Women in the Arts: 1640-1830. Fall 2016. Web

“Seduction or Assault?: Eliza Haywood and the Eighteenth-Century Rape Culture of Today,” with Sarah Creel, The 18th-Century Common, September 2013. Web.

Reforming the Politics of Sensibility: George Orwell, Kurt Vonnegut, Tim Dorsey & The Narrative of Social Inaction, Lambert Academic Publishing GmbH & Co. KG, 2011.

“Anarchy is for Academics: A Review of Wolff’s ‘An Anarchy in the Mind and in the Heart’: Narrating Anglo-Ireland,” Journal of Beckett Studies, Summer 2007.

Creative Non-Fiction:

I’ve always loved writing, but being a writing teacher makes it difficult to dedicate energy to my own work.  However, I do find time now and then to scribble in my blog Stranger Than Science Fiction – a collection of stories about my life.

Blogging is totally FREE – I encourage you to try it!


Dr. Dowd-Arrow practicing Natarajasana
Dr. Dowd-Arrow practicing Natarajasana

I am a long-time yoga practitioner and experienced yoga instructor, trained in various styles and in yoga with injury and rehabilitation.

Yoga brings mindfulness to every moment, peace to strength, and strength to peace.  I’m pleased to offer Beginning Yoga (Fall) and Continuing Yoga (Spring) as physical education course options at ABAC-Bainbridge.