Dr. Kathryn Dumper

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Phone: 229-220-7453
Email: kathryn.dumper@bainbridge.edu
Office: No office on campus
Ed.D. in Education, The University of Phoenix
M.Ed. in Counseling, Valdosta State University
B.A. in Psychology, Valdosta State University

Fall 2015



Days Time Days Time
M/W Online M/W 11AM-12PM
M/W Online M/W 11AM-12Pm
Tu Online Tu None
Th Online Th 11AM-12PM
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A Little Bit about Me…

My name is Dr. Kathryn Dumper. Most of my students call me Dr. D., so please feel free to do so as well. I am an Instructor of Psychology at Bainbridge State College and have worked in education and mental health for 22 years.  I am an online instructor, faculty trainer and mentor with eCore at the University of West Georgia too. I have been teaching at BSC and with eCore for seven years, but I also have been an online student. I completed the majority of my doctoral studies online and understand both the challenges and rewards of online teaching and learning.

In addition to teaching, I work as a freelance writer. I co-authored an introductory psychology textbook that was published in December 2014 by OpenStax College. Feel free to check it out here (https://openstaxcollege.org/textbooks/psychology).  I also served as the subject matter expert for the psychology course that was developed by Junction Education (https://www.junctioneducation.com/project/introduction-to-psychology/). This online course has been adopted by numerous colleges and universities both in the U.S. and abroad. I am currently working as the subject matter expert for an online psychology assessment database project that is a collaboration between Lumen Learning and Brigham Young University and am the SME responsible for developing an introductory psychology course with Acrobatiq.

I hold the philosophy that you, the student, are a developing “psychologically literate citizen.” In other words, I see you as a person who can take the knowledge you gain in this course and apply it to your life by using the knowledge to live as fully and healthfully as possible, better understand and care for your loved ones, and become a stronger member of your local community and the larger world. The courses I teach have been constructed to align with my philosophy. I will do my best to help you develop into a psychologically literate citizen by pursuing the learning goals set for these courses. I intend for this to unfold in an online environment that is dynamic, thought-provoking, and supportive. Because we are working together in a completely online environment, I can’t look at your facial expressions to tell if there is something you do not understand or find confusing. If your find yourself not understanding something, please communicate with me. I’m easily reached via phone, text, and/or email.

Useful Resources for Psychology Students

Here are some resources for learning more about psychology and careers in psychology:

Class Information

PSYC 1101

Introduction to Psychology:  This course is a broad survey of topics in psychology including but not limited to major theoretical perspectives, the scientific process, development, personality, learning, mental disorders and mental health, and biological, environmental, and social factors influencing behavior.

This class is taught entirely online. You may view the syllabus here.

BSC Syllabus PSYC 1101 Fall 2015