Dr. Carol G. Leggett

Professor of Biological Sciences


Dr. Leggett 5-15

Phone: 229-243-3176
Email: carol.leggett@abac.edu
Office: Room 242, Cypress Hall
PhD in Biological Sciences, Florida State University
in the fields of microbiology & eubacterial genetics
MS in Biological Sciences, Florida State University
in the field of immunology
BS in Biology, Valdosta State University

Fall   2018



Days Time Days Time
Monday  No Class Monday Contact via email or by appointment
Tuesday Microbiology   2:15 – 5:10  Tuesday 4:45 -5:30 pm  Email  hours 9-2
Wednesday Biology Lecture 2 – 3:15 Biology Lab  3: 20 – 5:00 Wednesday 4:45 -5:30 pm  Email hours 9-2
 Thursday No Class Thursday Contact via email or by appointment  Email hours 9-2
Friday No Class  Mon-Thurs By appointment


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Microbiology and biology students:

Please remember to print your laboratory exercises from Georgia View and bring them to class with you.