Sheila McLendon




Phone: 229-243-4256
Office: Room 608, Long Leaf Pine Hall


Additional studies–Georgia Southwestern University & University of West Georgia (Graduate Mathematics concentration)

MS in Higher Education–College Teaching

and Learning, Walden University

BS in Secondary Education–Math, Troy University

Spring 2018



Days Time Days Time
M Tech 1110 Business Math     8:20-10:00 AM M 8:00-8:20 AM
10:40 AM-2:20 PM
9 – 10  PM (online)
 T Tech 1120 Technical Math  Blakely   9:00-10:40 AMTech 0085 Vocational Math  Blakely    11:00AM-12:40 PM W  8:00-8:20 AM
10:40 AM-2:20 PM
W Tech 1110 Business Math       8:20-10:00 AM TH 9-10 PM (online)
 online  Tech 1110 Business Math
  online  Tech 1130 Algebra/Trigonometry

Class information

Tech 1110  Business Math  ( WEB, Hybrid & C-Term)

Tech 1120 Technical Math (Hybrid)

Tech 1130 Technical Math ( WEB)

Tech 0085 Voactional Math (Hybrid)

Required Textbooks/Materials— 

  • No textbook required (only access code which provides textbook online)

Required Software/Equipment— PearsonMathXL Access code – The student access kit can be purchased from the campus bookstore or online through Pearson. Students are required to have the access codes on the first day of class. Homework, quizzes, and tests are completed using the MyMathLab program on the computer. Access codes will be in a folder that is white with a red strip. MyMathLab Access Code, 13 digit: ISBN-13:    9780321878359 ,

  • (Texas Instruments) TI-30-X-II-S
  • Computer access with Windows XP or above with reliable Internet connection.