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M.A. in Psychology, University of California Davis
B.S. in Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Florida
B.A. in Spanish Literature, University of Florida

Spring 2016



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              • Psychology is NOT just about therapy.  In fact, many psychologists don’t work in a mental health field at all.
              • Psychology studies both normal and abnormal behavior – not just abnormal.
              • The goals of psychology are to describe, predict, explain, and modify/improve behaviors.
              • Psychology has many different sub-fields like biological, developmental, and social (just to name a few!).
              • Psychology is NOT common sense! Psychology uses the scientific method to thoroughly investigate human and animal behavior.  Findings from psychology are not based in personal opinion, belief, or experience.

What you will do in this course

This course is organized into weekly modules.  Each week/module will cover a different topic in Psychology.  New materials will become available on Wednesday morning of each week and all materials will be due (unless stated otherwise) by NOON each Wednesday.  In each week, you should begin by reading the “Overview” for the week before accessing other materials.

For you to consider before continuing

Many students enroll in online courses with the misconception that online courses are “easier” than regular ones.  This is the exact opposite of the truth.  Being successful in an online course requires
  • Strong time management skills – You are not required to show up in the same place at the same time each week.  You might not know how long certain assignments will take you to complete.  You cannot know when your internet might quit working.  Is it up to you to plan ahead to leave time to ask your instructor questions or to avoid late work.
  • Self-directed learning –  You must take your own initiative to stay on top of assignments in the class.  Waiting until the instructor notices a lack of participation and calls you out on it is not the way to be successful in class.  Claiming you “didn’t understand” how to do the work will also not be excusable – you will need to make a concerted effort to contact the instructor when you need clarification on assignments.
  • Reading skills - Online courses require much more in the way of reading than classes that meet on campus.  You must read the Overview each week, the checklist, and your assignment instructions thoroughly and carefully.  Failure to follow instructions will lower you grade significantly in this class.